Michael Cimino
Birth Name:Michael T. Cimino
Place of Birth:Las Vegas, Nevada
Date of Birth:November 10th, 1999
Occupation:Actor & Singer
First Project:Christmas Letter (2012)
Latest Project:Senior Year (2022)
Social Media:InstagramTwitter

There’s nothing wrong with being gay. That ignorance is often something that’s been passed on from generations prior.

— Michael Cimino, Attitude Magazine, 2021


Michael Cimino was born on November 10, 1999 to Philip and Deb Cimino in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he was named in honor of his father’s late brother, Michael. Philip (his father) owns OS Photo Booths, alongside his current wife, Bianca Cimino. Deb is a licensed Realtor, and both parents are very supportive of Michael’s career choices.

When Philip married Bianca, Michael finally earned some siblings with a step-brother and step-sister coming from Bianca’s previous marriage and both siblings are younger than Michael. He is shown to be rather close to them and still makes time to see them with his rising busy schedule.

Michael is also a vegan and shows a close relationship with his parents.

Michael starred in a short film called Christmas Letter in 2012 as the son, Michael before getting his official start in acting playing Bob in the 2015 short film Limitless Potential where he played a special boy that had unique powers. In 2016, He filmed a Nickelodeon pilot that never made it to air as he played Lorenzo in Hopefuls as well as making his debut film appearance as Young Teijo in Shangri-La Suite which is about two lovers heading to Los Angeles, California to kill Elvis in the summer of 1974.

In 2017, Michael starred as Young Sadiq in an episode of Training Day entitled “Tunnel Vision”, which follows the hunt for a terror suspect takes an emotional toll on Kyle who is convinced that he encountered the suspect during his service in Afghanistan. Throughout 2018, He starred in an episode of Disney XD’s Walk The Prank as Brlayden in the episode “Too Cool for High School” where he was emotionally distant and only interested in his phone as social media took over. Michael was also featured in Fabrizio Guido’s (one of his close friends) short film, Dog Days, as Dej.

Michael’s mainstream success started when he starred as Bob Palmeri in Annabelle Comes Home (2019), which is the third film in the Annabelle-centric horror films. His mainstream success continues on as he was cast in the worldwide highly-anticipated Love, Victor as Victor which premiered on Hulu in June of 2020.

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Michael Cimino got his start in 2012 when he starred as Son / Michael in the short film, Christmas Letter. Christmas Letter is about a mom and her son who are decorating their Christmas tree while awaiting her husband’s return, they hear a car pull up and a door slam shut assuming it’s her husband only to find out it’s a notifying officer delivering a death notification to them as the mom breaks down over the news of her husband. His next project wouldn’t come until 2015 when he starred in Limitless Potential which is another short film about a young boy who discovers that he has superhuman abilities and learns how to control them.

In 2016, He filmed a Nickelodeon pilot called Hopefuls, playing Lorenzo although it was never picked up to series. He also made a cameo appearance in Shangri-La Suite as Young Teijo, where he only appeared in a photograph. Throughout 2017 and 2018, Michael appeared in Training Day as Young Sadiq and Walk The Prank as Brlayden, also appearing in his third short film in Dog Days as Dej.

His breakout role (for what he’s most known for prior to Love, Victor) would come in 2019 when he starred in the third horror flick of the Annabelle movies, Annabelle Comes Home as Bob Palmeri. Finally, his most notable and most popular role to date would come with a June 2020 release as he stars as titular character, Victor Salazar in Love, Victor, which skyrocketed his career.

He’s said to be starring in Centurion XII and Heartlight in late 2020 / 2021, but no other news has been released for those projects.