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About The Site

When we first found out about who was cast as the main lead in Love, Victor late last year, we fell in love at first sight with Michael Cimino. As a huge fan of Love, Simon and everything to do with it, I have never been more excited than when Disney+ announced a series in the same universe.

As the release date got closer and closer, my urge for a fansite on Michael increased daily until I finally broke and down and decided to just go ahead and do it. I actually was at work cashing people out on the register when I quickly bought a domain to jumpstart the site.

There’s not much of a story so far, but it’s being written until then we will be around to support Michael for as long as he chooses to be an actor or wherever his career takes him!

About The Webmaster

Hello, my name is Zachary and I’ve pretty much been a fan of Michael since he was announced as Victor in Love, Victor and before that I hadn’t heard of him. I’m not big on scary movies which is why I haven’t seen Annabelle Comes Home until I capped it for this site but I’m super excited to take this journey of Michael’s Career as he becomes an even bigger superstar!