Michael finally took apart in his first photoshoot of the year, and as his first shoot of the year, he decided to go with Infringe: Anthropology of Hair and teamed up with Austin Martinez (his good friend) to photograph his soon-to-be iconic looks.

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Anissa Salazar had some words to say about the shoot with Michael:

“I’ve been working closely with Michael for the last 5 months. I’m in admiration of his performance as an actor, his kindness as a human being, and his confidence. The idea of this shoot was influenced by Michael’s talent as an artist. Transcending into multiple faces is part of his craft. That could be physically, mentally, and even emotionally. With that enters the conversion. Hair, makeup and an opulent wardrobe are all forms of expression that fuse with the performance.

Cindy Sherman being an enormous mentor of mine, also influenced me. Her ability to orchestrate beautiful photographs where she is the photographer, hair stylist, makeup artist, costume designer and model. Everyone, and everything are allowed to feel beauty. As an artist, I too find beauty in all identities, colours, and sizes. Barriers can and should be broken, narrow definitions can be expanded – all is infinite. The looks we created were inspired by Michael’s ability to evolve into these impassioned characters. When the camera hits Michael – he is vulnerable, raw, and tender.

Our photographer is Austin Martinez. He’s a family friend of Michael’s, and extremely talented photographer. We were joined with our friends, lovely model Denise, and talented makeup artist Alexandra French.”